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Live Webinar: Digital Entertainment and its Influence in Animation

Welcome and Introduction by our Head of Faculty, Calvin Leduc

The journey into the mesmerizing world of digital arts began with a warm welcome from our Head of Faculty, Calvin Leduc. His insightful introduction set the tone for an exploration of boundless creativity and innovation.

Exploring VANAS (Vancouver Animation School)

We delved into the heart of our institution, the Vancouver Animation School (VANAS). Uncovering its rich history, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to fostering artistic excellence, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the vibrant community that fuels our passion for animation.

In-Depth Exploration of Animation

The webinar provided an in-depth exploration of the art of animation. From the basics to advanced techniques, participants embarked on a visual journey through the intricacies of bringing characters and stories to life.

Clarifying the World of Concept Art

Concept art emerged as a focal point, demystifying its role in the digital entertainment realm. Our expert speakers shed light on the pivotal role concept art plays in shaping the visual narrative of movies, games, and virtual worlds.

The Landscape of Visual Effects and Advanced 3D Modeling

Attendees were treated to a captivating tour of the landscapes of visual effects and advanced 3D modeling. The intricate process of crafting lifelike visuals and pushing the boundaries of digital artistry was unveiled, showcasing the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity.

The exploration continued into the realms of video games, esports, and virtual reality. Insights into the ever-evolving landscapes of these industries sparked a lively discussion on the future of interactive entertainment.

Highlighting Student Projects

A moment of pride and celebration as we showcased outstanding student projects. From concept to completion, these projects exemplified the talent and dedication of our students, proving that VANAS is a breeding ground for future industry leaders.

Participate in an Interactive "Q&A Session" with Us

The webinar concluded with an engaging and interactive Q&A session. Attendees had the opportunity to connect directly with our knowledgeable panelists, asking questions, seeking advice, and gaining valuable insights into the world of digital entertainment.

As we wrap up this webinar recap, we extend our gratitude to all participants who joined us on this creative odyssey. If you missed the live event, fret not – the recording is now available for you to relive the experience or catch up on any highlights you might have missed. We look forward to seeing you in future events as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities within the realm of digital arts. Stay inspired, stay creative!


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