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Every term, Vancouver Animation School allocates funding towards scholarships. An exciting journey to recruit those we believe will be successful professional artists and make a difference in the Animation, Visual Effects and Video Games industries.

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VANAS Scholarships

VANAS offers both merit and need-based scholarships to offset tuition fees for candidates whose profiles will help further the programme's objectives as a vehicle for promoting art and technology education. Scholarships for Animation, VFX, Concept Art & Game Design programs.


Your previous education will be assessed in terms of length, academic records, field of study, and credentials. Any previous education in Art & Technology is valuable and demonstrates your interest in the Animation, VFX and Video Game industries.

Submit your relevant school transcripts or academic credentials


Your portfolio demonstrates Art and Technical skills and your future potential in Digital Entertainment. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to the Animation, VFX, VR, and Video Game industries.

Submit 5 artwork pieces, or a demo reel of what you consider your best work.


Your resume demonstrates you understand how the real world works in terms of being accountable, reliable, and able to meet deadlines. Transformational and transactional skills will be assessed in terms of transferability to the Digital Entertainment industries.

Submit your resume.

Scholarships at Vancouver Animation School are competitive and based on merit. Prospective students competing for a scholarship will need to complete an application form including non refundable fees.

Find out if your are eligible for a scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a professional looking to switch careers, is this relevant for a scholarship

If you are already a working professional artist and are looking for more training or a career change, your experience will be considered as an additional credential when applying for a scholarship.

Do I have to maintain the scholarship during my studies?

Yes, students with awarded scholarships must:

  • Maintain a minimum of a letter B+ grade throughout their course of studies, otherwise the scholarship will be withdrawn.
  • Be committed to complete their studies during the duration of the program and won't be eligible to take a leave of absence.

Which programs are eligible for scholarships?

Scholarships apply only to the online and combined diploma programs

  • 2D Computer Animation Diploma
  • 3D Computer Character Animation Diploma (Full time and part time)
  • Animated Short Films
  • Advanced 3D Modeling
  • Concept Art Diploma (Full time and part time)
  • Digital Matte Painting Diploma
  • Effects Technical Director Diploma
  • Esports Diploma
  • Video Game Design Diploma
  • Virtual Reality Diploma

What is the eligibility criteria and process

  • Applicant must complete an application form before applying for a scholarship
  • Scholarships are only valid for diploma applicants.
  • VANAS enrolled students who have signed their student contract can not apply for a scholarship.
  • Scholarships are competitive, your submission will be competing against other submissions.  Submit your best work
  • Applicants must meet the admission criteria per program
  • Applicants must prove the ability to afford the remaining balance of the program tuition

What are the scholarship values?

Scholarships values will be determined by our faculty and will be awarded within a 5% to 20% range of the total tuition cost. Here are some examples:

Example a) 5% discount of the total program tuition
Example b) 20% discount of the total program tuition

  • (Example a: Concept Art Diploma tuition minus 5% scholarship.   $18,500 - $925 = $17,575)
  • (Example b: Concept Art Diploma tuition minus 20% scholarship.   $18,500 - $3,700 = $14,800)

How many scholarships are available?

Here are some stats of previous years:

VANAS Scholarships are offered year round in any of our terms: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

  • 11 scholarships per term

  • A total of 42 scholarships are given per calendar year

What types of pieces should my portfolio include?

Keep it simple, your portfolio should include 5 images of what you consider to be your best work. If you have a video demonstrating animation, that works too, however it's not necessary. If you are applying for the Video Game Design or Esports Diploma, portfolios are not needed. These diplomas require a letter of intent.

Can I get a scholarship that will cover 100% of my tuition?

The amount of awarded scholarships depends on your portfolio level, work experience and previous education.VANAS Scholarships range from 5% - 20%.

When is the scholarships submission due date?

There is no due date for the scholarships, it works on a first come first serve basis.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Anyone who has a portfolio can apply for a VANAS Scholarship. If you have any sketches, animation designs, drawings or other art work pieces, please select 5 that represent it best and apply for a scholarship. The application for VANAS scholarships are after you have been accepted into your program, and not before. Meaning, you won't be awarded a scholarship until you are successfully accepted in the Diploma program of your interest.

Find out if your are eligible for a scholarship