VANAS Careers Center

Industry Connected

What is this?

Our VANAS Careers Center offers free live webinars each term on career-related topics. For example, careers in digital entertainment like animation, visual effects, and video games.

If you can’t attend a live event, VANAS has a webinar video archive. Register in our newsletter for event announcements.

For VANAS Diploma Students and Alumni Only

To participate in the VANAS Career Center, students and alumni must:

• Be enrolled in a Diploma Program in term four or have graduated within 24 months
• Have a minimum GPA of 73% or letter B per term
• Attended the Professional Career Development certificate course
• Have a portfolio or demo reel
• Have a resume and cover letter

Steps to increase success:

Students and alumni can use VANAS' career services but must complete the following steps to increase their opportunities for success.

1.- Get a quick overview of all diploma programs VANAS offers

2. Stay informed about our upcoming and latest events

3. Register in FAME, our Art & Science learning platform for movies and video games

4. Schedule a 25-minute individual meeting to ask about career options, portfolios, demo reels, resumes, negotiation, job search, and interviewing skills. These meetings are available on the first Monday of each month between 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Pacific time and are available from your student account.

5. Attend our VANAS Conference to hear about relevant industry topics, studios, recruiters, and classmates to expand your network

6. Visit the VANAS Studio Directory

Entry level roles

Most job opportunities are in entry-level positions, but roles requiring intermediate or senior skills are also available. For example, entry-level roles for digital artists are junior animator, junior concept artist or designer, and junior effects animator, to name a few. VANAS’ diploma graduates consider entry-level roles. However, VANAS graduates with previous industry experience could consider higher roles.

We do not guarantee jobs

VANAS Diploma students and alumni should be aware that the VANAS Careers Center connects them to industry jobs; however, it does not guarantee a job, length, or the final hire.

FAME stands for Film, Animation, Media, and Entertainment. It is a learning platform created by VANAS and made available as a resource for long-life learning, portfolio hosting, and networking. Sign up at